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Here I am, again I’m willing to surprise you! You can don’t believe me, but when I go to bed after looking at my beautiful wife and have thank the universe for my wonderful family, I start thinking at you. Yes you, that are following me and I ask myself how I can keep going in giving you more sparks. You know it’s wonderful to be in the other part of the world and working every day to change my slice of the world, but it is even more beautiful that other people are doing the same in the different part of the world, like my friends in Italy, Spain and Switzerland. Obviously my effort will became real only if you’ll choose to apply even just one of these sparks! Anyway, this is the reason why today I want to start a new column…have you ever seen the movie with Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson “how to lose a guy in 10 days”? Ok if you haven’t you must because it makes me laugh so much! The protagonist is a journalist who write a column about how to do things in 10 days and I want to make the same in this blog! I thought about instead of using 10 days to use 21 to link with our course but than I have understood that it could have been to long to be read! So let’s start! This column will start with 10 ways to be simply happy!

1. Take a look around you and be thankful to the universe for the people that are close to you! Each one of them is special and is in your life for a reason, maybe you still don’t know why, but don’t wait to understand it…be grateful and stop!

2. Eat healthy! We said this many time: our body is our temple…if you look around in the markets or in the alimentary shops you’ll find many junk food, here in America in each square there is a McDonald’s or a Burger King or a Dunkin Donuts…but you can choose if you want to put in yourself junk food that will keep away energy from you or good things that will give you energy! When you’ll be 100 years old and you’ll be able to still have a walk with your nephews you’ll be really thankful to have chosen a salad instead of an hamburger!

3. Take some time to dedicate to yourself! You don’t need a whole day! Sometimes a warm bath with music is that moment that will allows you to be happy for days!

4. Sometimes turn off your phone…I know that it’s not always easy take a break from daily routine, we usually open facebook on our phone more for habits that because we are really interested in something. But there are some moments when you are with special people or just because you need some time for yourself that it is necessary to take the phone away….don’t worry that if somebody calls you and doesn’t find you will call you later or you can call him later!

5. Read. Feed your brain with interesting reading starting from a biography or to the last Harry Potter, but read because in this way you can stimulate your imagination and fantasy!

6. Smile! This should be easy…even if you are thinking about your things, or you are at the phone, or you are in the metro, event to seem an idiot keep on your face that smile and everything will be easier and people around you will gift you many more smile than usual!

7. Trust people with more experience than you. Starting from your parents to your colleague or friends that have already experience the same situation. Maybe you don’t like what they are telling you in that moment and you would do something different, but before try to follow their advice and be trustful! Maybe you will avoid a bad punch.

8. Dedicate yourself to something that you love! During our life we work a lot because we have a lot of need that we need to satisfy, but at least chose to invest your time doing something that makes you willing to wake up every morning! Better a job that pays you $100 less at the beginning but that you like instead of one that pays you $100 more but that every night you’ll be back home sad or angry!

9. Tell people you love that you love them! Don’t hold an I love you. Say it every time you feel it, show your emotions because this will make your relationship more intense and real!

10. The most important of these 10 points is this one: DREAM! Dream in each moment how you want your life, how you want to change the world, how your children will be….dream every time because this is the only way you can use to find your real way!

For this time this is all! Tell me how does it works applying these little advices I will be really happy to read your results!

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