With MEMORY MASTERY course, you’ll have the chance to know all the most effective and innovative learning techniques.

Organization of time

How to manage time at your disposal to make it more productive

Organization of the study

How to organize your study and avoid wasting time while studying with constancy and method, by dividing it so as not to wait until “the last moment”

Relaxation and concentration techniques

Have you ever experienced stress and agitation during an exam? You will learn to manage stress and agitation. We’ll provide all the necessary tools to be 100% focused on your studies and during exams or questions


You will understand how creativity can be a valuable ally in your studies. We will teach you how to use it to get even better results!

Techniques for memorization of numbers:

  • Numbers

    You will learn to memorize historical dates associated with events with absolute precision, articles of code with its description,
    phone numbers, VAT numbers, numeric codes, Pin, Iban…

  • Formulas

    You will be able to memorize mathematical and chemical formulas, theorems, demonstrations (mathematics, physics,economics) in a very short time.

  • Foreign Languages

    Using the techniques learned during the course, you will learn vocabulary, writing, accents, variations, exceptions, grammar, ideograms of any language in just a month.

  • Names and faces

    You’ll discover how easy it is to remember the names and faces of people you meet by applying a simple technique.

  • Classifications and Lists

    You will be able to recall classifications, lists of key words, events in chronological order.

  • Specific Terms

    You will learn a basic technique to remember any word of a specific terminology such as: medical terms, scientific terms, legal terms, complex words or definitions.

  • Search for keywords

    You will learn how to make your study really effectively using the search strategy of keywords in any text.

  • Attitude and motivation of the study

    We will teach you the right mindset to study and get better results. You will understand how to “self-motivate” during all phases of your study.

  • Mind Maps

    You will learn to use the technique of Mind Maps, created by the British psychologist Tony Buzan; a foolproof strategy to
    synthesize, in an efficient and clear manner, any data, information or text based on the main characteristics of our mind,
    allowing us to take advantage of both the logical and creative functions of our cerebral hemispheres.