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The difference between excellent and extraordinary is that little “extra”. In this sentence lies a message which is more important than you might think.


We often talk about the results of the students of the Genius in 21 Days course, and we realize they may seem unbelievable, in the sense that they are so extraordinary that they are hard to believe!
Tests prepared in two days, 16 classes taken in a year, 7 exams prepared in a month, 40 job offers in a month, no grade below A and so on. Probabaly you too have thought that not everything could be true! It’s normal, because our students’ standard is very high, 2-3 steps above average. To take all doubts away, we have decided to post the evidence of the results and the testimonials of real people.


But how is it possible to achieve such great results?


We love our students, but it wouldn’t be fair to say they have something more than others. They are normal people, they were born on this planet. The difference is that they apply super-effective strategies. Watch out though, because this doesn’t mean that memory techniques are a magic wand. It’s true though that if you apply the techniques as we tell you and you want to increase your results, these strategies will lead you to goals you thought impossible to achieve.


No matter what you do at work or in your studies, you have probably wanted to raise your bar at least once.
Maybe you want to go from a B to an A. Or maybe you want to better your résumé, to make it irresistible for any job interviewer. Or maybe you want to learn 5 languages in a year. Or maybe you want to ace your SAT, without too much effort. Sounds impossible right? Absolutely not! It’s a matter of strategy. But there is only one way for us to show you: come to our free presentation of the Genius in 21 Days course!


From now on you’ll be the one deciding what you can or cannot do. Our promise is that you will realize that it’s hard, if not impossible, to find something you cannot do!

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