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The average time a person spends on Facebook

  • in the US is 16 minutes
  • in Australia 14 minutes
  • in UK 13 minutes

The 23% of the Facebook users log in at least five times a day.

500 million tweets are sent daily!


Has it ever happened to you to start looking for something on Facebook or Pinterest, then check the time and find out that you have lost 10 minutes or even more?
This is exactly how it works! You can’t take your eyes off the screen, your brain is on off mode, reading about lunch dishes or dress choices or complaining status.
But luckily you can also find some good tips and thoughts that will enrich your day…
For example you can find out that one of your friends is expecting or is going to get married, or you can find some messages from the universe… =) We know that motivation is like a   feeble candle’s light, we need to protect it and foment it, because the more you foment this flame, the more its light will illuminate the people close to you.
And the more you are a light, the more you will influence your enviroment and make the change that you want in your life happen… But sometimes it’s not so easy to keep this light on and that’s the reason why we’ve decided to focus on taking care of our Facebook page!

Every day, you will find not only some answer to questions that people can ask you about the course, but also messages from the universe and that good thought that you might need at that very moment!
Invite your friends to like our page, share with them that the YTG crew is fantastic and has great things to say!
I’m sure everybody will thank you for this!
We look forward to reading your comments!

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