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How wonderful is life?

Every day I look at my family, at my wife, at my daughters, at my dogs (yes, even the dogs!) and it’s incredible how happy I feel!

There are things that we do daily. Everybody has their own habits, but have you ever stopped to think about them?

I ask you to do it now. Think about your typical day.


Now, thinking about that day, ask yourself two questions:

Which of my habits might be unproductive?

What habit would be useful if included in my day?

These questions are empowering. There are things that you should change (the answers to the first question) and others that, if added to your daily routine, would help you to improve the quality of your life (what you answered to the second question). There isn’t much to say about the first. Your unproductive habit could be: smoking, oversleeping, spending too much time playing video-games, having an unhealthy midnight snack.

Focusing on your unproductive habits helps you realize that you spend some of your time in a dispersive, useless way.

About the good habit to insert, you have tons of possibilities: every morning list 5 things you are grateful for, work out a little every day, repeat a mantra that gives you strength and security, do a jumping joy session (if you don’t know what it is you’ll find it out at Your One!) or read some pages of a book.

This little exercise will give you a greater awareness of how to improve your life right away.

Often, this is enough to convince us to make a small change in our lives. And if you start from changing a small daily action, over time this will really change your whole life. During Your One I always invite people to make just one little change, no matter how small, like a shift of one single degree. Taken to the long-term, this will make a huge difference! Experience it to believe it!

I mentioned the course Your One many times in this article, I realize. I think it’s because I have a craving! But I guess I’ll have to wait a bit more for that. That’s ok, I have more time to prepare perfectly for the most beautiful course in the world!

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