LUCA became a motivational coach, speaker, and learning techniques instructor at the age of 22. That was back in 2001, where he soon opened his first offices in Torino, Italy. With great success, Luca was recognized as Best Instructor of Italy for 7 years in a row. His career fired off like a rocket and he found himself personally responsible for training companies such as Sole24Ore, and Mercedes Benz.

Luca Semp felice murales2008 was the right year to pursue building his brand. With the help of soon-to-be partners, Massimo De Donno and Giacomo Navone, Your Trainers Group was born. In just 21/2 years YTG grew exponentially, adding offices all over the country, bringing on new teachers and students, and quickly became the leading training and learning business of Italy.

The “Your Magister” course is the original memory and speed reading course that has helped thousands embrace excellence and achieve their desired results in life.genio 21 giorni EN Since perfecting this course and refining the company, Luca has stepped away from teaching. It was in 2011 that Luca decided to take on the full role of CEO and focus on creating new immersive courses and projects that will help others, and the business continue to grow.

In 2013 Luca and partner Massimo pursued their goal of bringing the YTG values to the rest of the world, opening an office in bright, sunny Florida.

Luca currently maintains his busy schedule, hopping between Italy and the United States, with his beautiful wife and 3 little girls attached at the hip.