“High school and MEMORY MASTERY course helped me a lot, because I can now study more easily and I can better remember the things I study. With fast reading, I can immediately understand the concept and it takes me less to read.”


“I’m Filippo’s mother. Filippo suffers from dyslexia, which unfortunately was diagnosed only during the first semester of high school. This discovery was a big blow and after a brief time of confusion I looked for new opportunities for my child. However, the teachers who are aware of the problems of the children, don’t know how to teach in a multi-level way that is useful in order to allow those who have difficulties in writing to memorize and recall over time.

Last spring, I found the flyer of MEMORY MASTERY course in the mailbox. I contacted teachers who gave me answers and new opportunities for me, but especially for Filippo. The course of speed reading has had amazing effects on my boy: he doubled his reading speed in four weeks, with very good results in understanding too. Burst of joy! This summer, my son read three books. Before the course, he had never thought of reading for pleasure.

I personally recommend to all the parents to attend the MEMORY MASTERY course along with their children, which includes

memorizing techniques, speed reading course and many other things that can improve the quality of life.I am… Simply happy!”


“I’m a primary school teacher; when I was a child I was diagnosed with a serious level of specific learning disorder. I had the complete syndrome; then dyslexia, dysgraphia (or dysorthographia) and dyscalculia. During the early years of elementary school I could not even pronounce (not just read) many of the Italian phonemes. Though I have always worked with compensatory tools, the learning process has been difficult and my school career quite a feat. As everyone knows dyslexia is not a disease, so it cannot be cured; it will never end completely. In fact, until recently, I continued to make serious grammatical errors, studying took me a great deal of time and energy and I have never been able to memorize the multiplication tables. For those who are unaware, the people
who suffer from dyslexia find it more difficult to deal with any abstract element (even right and left) and precisely for this reason I have made a huge step forward, thanks to MEMORY MASTERY course.

The association of images or of concrete elements, often strange, to any abstract information has allowed me to study and memorize everything. It was really helpful to me while studying for a Modern History exam and to memorize that huge amount of historical dates forever. In addition, I believe that any person would be frustrated if they continued to do one thing all over again and that too always the wrong way. But thanks to the course, I learned that studying can be easy and fun. It allowed me to start thinking that now I can do everything because even a disorder like this can no longer be an obstacle. I assure you that you can breathe better if you think you can do it. Also, with regard to speed reading (weak point for any dyslexic), I had an exponential improvement, now I read almost seven times faster, and being more careful and more positive, I can understand everything without any difficulty.

Last thing I can say, which I often tell others, is that MEMORY MASTERY course saved my life. It allowed me to find an amazing job and to realize all my dreams without any worries”.


“I’m a certified dyslexic since I was 10 years old, and have met a couple of speech therapists without any satisfactory results. Thanks to the MEMORY MASTERY course, which unfortunately I got to know only at university, I could massively improve the quality of my studies and my lifetime. Specifically, I got the best results in reading and understanding my studies. This gave me the opportunity to do four exams in economics in less than a month; something completely unthinkable before and that is how I got interested in recreational reading. I have had concrete results every day, improving the quality of my days and of my approach to study, to work and with respect to people because now I’m able to regain confidence in my abilities, which were undermined by a school system that doesn’t have enough knowledge of this disease”