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You can recognize a loser.

Serious or sad face, back bent, uncared, insecure. Sometimes you may feel a loser in certain areas. Because you have not passed that test, because you have no success with women, because you have a poorly paid job, because they make fun of you. If so, let me get one thing straight: when you were born, did the universe brand you with the “L” of loser? Did the Creator tell you: “You’ll live a miserable life”?

No! So why do you happen to feel so? Maybe because it’s convenient. If you think you are a loser, you’re not going to do things you think you won’t be able to do, and this will keep you from suffering.

Indeed, more often than not you won’t even accept the challenge, if you know you’ll lose. You won’t move your butt, in other words. Excuse my bluntness, but if you know me a little you know that I always say what I think. And in this case I think a person who does not feel up to certain situations is just telling himself a good story. He accepts excuses. But do you know why I think so?

Because you’re amazing the way you are.

Although I probably don’t know you, I know you’re not a loser. Surely there are things on which you can improve, like everyone else. But you have to begin to believe you are amazing!
That’s the whole point, the beliefs that you have about yourself. At Your One we spend more than a day on this topic, but put it this way: a loser is he who thinks he is a looser. If you feel confident, beautiful, solid, consistent, then you’ll think you are amazing. You’ll feel so! And you’ll behave well. Because our mind works for references. In life there have been things that I have managed well and others that I haven’t. You choose where to point your focus every time you face a new challenge. You are the one who chooses to think back to all the times when you haven’t been able to do something, or to all the times when you have been a winner. It is easy to guess what a winner will choose to focus on. Do you think Michael Jordan used to start a game thinking about the games in which he had played badly, or about those in which he had been a star? Do you think that Bolt starts a new race thinking of not being up to a new record or with the desire to be the number one once again? Winners think they’ll win. They feel successful. A winner thinks he’s up to every situation. You have to think that everything that happens is not wider than your shoulders. The winner takes the ball.
I am fortunate to work with thousands of people every year and I assure you that I constantly see magical transformations. When we say that it is not up to us to create the magic during our courses, it is true. People who are there create the magic, with the courageous decisions they make. When they choose to get out of bed every morning as winners. When they feel the best person for that challenge. When they feel they are amazing.
So let me ask you: are you a loser, or are you a winner?

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