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Yes, you’ve read it right. As a coach, I just said that personal growth doesn’t work. I’m not getting crazy, I just want to give you my personal point of view about a topic that I know really well.

I mean. Obviously I strongly believe that personal growth is necessary for the human being.

Ever since we appeared on Earth, life has always asked us to evolve and grow, day after day. It is not a secret that those who do it more consistently and more efficiently have more success in their lives (and I talk about personal success in every field, not only moneywise).

But I often compare personal growth to a shower. Taking a shower is important and useful! After a shower you feel clean, shiny and scented. Taking it is absolutely necessary, I think and hope everybody can agree on this.


But now tell me one thing: is it enough to have one shower today to be clean for the rest of your life? I think the answer is no. Obviously you need to take it periodically, or you’ll end up stinking!

Personal growth works the same way! A book, a one day seminar o a course are not enough by themselves. You must acquire the habit of investing in yourself! Otherwise what I was saying earlier becomes true: personal growth will not work!

This is something that is often underrated, but it is a core concept!

There are even people who after a year without taking “the shower” find themselves stinking, and then complain about the shower being broken or not effective enough! It is absurd! That’s ok, I’d get mad but fortunately I am good at managing my emotional state.

The message I want to give you is that it is really important to get used to investing in yourself. I’ve been a coach for 15 years, yet I constantly discover new things.

I learn something at every course I hold! People teach me tons of things, or simply have me “have a shower”. My search never ends. I learn, I apply, I get results, I raise the bar and I start again.

This is how it works. Think about this. The first day at the gym you are motivated, but what about the 40th? Not smoking a cigarette is easy. What about giving up smoking forever? If you don’t take a shower, you lose. It is not enough to win a match to win the championship. There are things that you can do just one time. But for most things you need resolution.

Besides, how many times have you heard this? Is it better to live one day as a lion or 100 as a sheep? Well, I have chosen. 100 days as a lion.

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